Summer Aproacheth!

Yes, that is but a small sampling of my mad gardening skills. And I know exactly what you’re thinking. Only someone who is genuinely mad, would call those gardening skills.

Whelp, now you know who you’re dealing with.

Never before have I planted a garden by myself. In all my 32 years of life, my task was limited to following instructions and sticking seeds, plants – what have you – where somebody else wanted them. This year (2014), the monkey fell on my back. Despite the many gifted gardeners in my family, it seems the task is left to the lady who didn’t inherit the green thumb gene.

Nevertheless, I press on in what may be a futile attempt to grow anything this year because…no one else will do it. Sometimes you just have to step up, even if you’re the least qualified.

Perhaps there’s a deeper lesson there. And perhaps I’ll explore it…another time.

Because I’m a woman on a mission!

What’s that mission, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

I’m trying to prepare for a summer of writing. Summer is rapidly approaching and with it, many unfinished projects. They sit there, taunting me, telling me I’ll never have time for them and my writing.

Amidst the many household and yard projects vying for my time, are the inevitable summer events and activities looming on the schedule. Each one threatening to shove writing time out the window. All this, after I swore to myself that I’d make this year the year I strive to finish editing my novel and set out to find it a publishing home.

I won’t lie to you, doubt is already a constant companion. It seems like the growing to-do list is going to make me out to be the failure and liar once again.

I hate that!

But this girl’s not going down without a fight. So I’d truly appreciate all the prayers and encouragement you can send my way…along with some steady accountability.

Well, now that I’ve accomplished some writing, I suppose it’s time to resume the housework. After all, I’ve a cute little niece coming to spend the day with us tomorrow. Maybe if you ask nice, I’ll show you some pics in the next post.

; )

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