Hey! Long Time No See.

By now, you may seriously be contemplating whether I’ve dropped off the grid or not.

Never fear! I remain vigilantly at work here in Windy Wyoming. June proved to be an active month. Here’s a little recap….

The garden is finished and….surprise!


It’s actually producing!

garden rows

And you thought I couldn’t do it. Okay, so maybe you didn’t know either way. True, it’s still pretty sad as far as gardens go, but I consider this a big success for the simple fact that I didn’t figure anything would grow.

But I was wrong. Just look at that radish plant!


I’m also aspiring to make this the year that I get off my duff and get in shape. Want to see my exercise plan?


Well there it is! Turns out that writers with a penchant for the Medieval period have Medieval ways. Every day I shovel and haul wheelbarrows full of corral dirt to fill in holes around our home and fertilize our lawn and garden. Laugh if you must. But this base method of exercise is producing results. I lost an inch around my stomach in a week! That, my friend, is what I call progress!

Writing is also moving ahead full steam. In the past few weeks I’ve worked out fine edits in the first chapter of Rise of Betrayal. Three good friends (and fellow writers) have graciously critiqued and offered sound advice to help me through this process. I hope to implement those changes in the near future.

I’ve a couple new posts over at Her View from Home. You may have caught on to the summer theme going there.

Then, of course, I’m working on something special here. The historical factoids aspect of this site has been sadly neglected in the past month. So I’m developing a piece, garnished with a touch of my own artistic abilities. Here’s a little sneak peak of what’s in the works.


Can you guess what the article is about?

Featured Image

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