August Already?

Yes, I literally was unprepared for this month to arrive so soon. More and more as the years go by, summers get shorter. Of course, this summer we filled our time with more events. So that might explain things.

Though life appears silent on the cyber end, I assure you the reality is anything but. I remain in the throws of gardening and maintaining our home on the ranch. Edits are moving forward. This week I’m watching my little niece, Piper, who as we speak is getting anxious for her bottle.

I’m also steadily working away on an upcoming historical post for this site. Hopefully as time progresses, I’ll be able to dish these out faster for you fellow history buffs out there. Since this one features special artwork, it takes a little more time in the doing. But I hope you find it worthwhile in the end.

And of course, last but not least, you can always find me at Her View from Home. This week I’ve discussed our struggle in the ever-challenging annual curriculum hunt.

As you set out to enjoy the last days of summer, may you make many sweet memories with family and friends. Savor each one because the school year is coming fast (if it hasn’t started for you already)!

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