Too Much on the Plate

Do you ever wonder sometimes if you expect too much out of yourself?

This constantly crosses my mind. Usually I dismiss it because…well let’s face it, I’m lazy.

Have I mentioned I’m also a procrastinator?

And a multitasker?

This trio makes for one toxic cocktail. As a multitasker, I put so many irons in the fire that I can’t keep track of them, or finish them all in the day. Most of the time, if I’m lucky, I get a bunch of half projects done. Lists don’t solve this problem either, because my lists are huge and ongoing.

Enter Mrs. Lazy and Mrs. Procrastinator. Mrs. Lazy says, “I’m so tired of this huge To-Do list and all these half finished projects. I don’t want to do anymore.”

Mrs. Procrastinator smirks, “Then don’t. There’s always tomorrow.”

Multitasker gasps, “But we’ve got laundry to do, dishes, lunch to make, goodies to bake, chores to get the kids busy with, crochet projects, writing, editing…don’t even get me started on all those Pinterest ideas you need to print out and implement.”

Mrs. Lazy gazes heavenward, “Okay, okay! How about we sit in front of the computer and play games while we fold laundry?”

“I’m down with that.” Multitasker says.

“You go girl!” Procrastinator chimes in.

And that’s how I waste my day.

Care to guess where I am right now?

Oh, you are so good!

Yes, I’m in front of the computer, typing out a blog with a big stack of laundry sitting beside me and a huge To-Do list glaring at me from a desk overrun with folded clothes and papers.

Mental you say?

Oh yes! Ironically funny too, if you ask me. As a good friend of mine would say, “If I didn’t laugh at it, I’d cry.”

This is life. My multitasking brain has me going in so many directions, that I’d just rather sit down and throw my hands in the air than take one more step or do one more project. The last straw today happened after I unloaded the dryer, then proceeded to pick up the living room. As I grabbed a stack of newspapers to toss in the trash, it occurred to me that I never finished loading the dryer and washer. So what did I do?

I tossed the newspapers in the dryer.

Hey, at least it occurred to me what happened before the clothes in the washer ended up in the trash!

Now I find myself staring at that To-Do list again. It’s a full 8X10 sheet of paper and nearly three full columns. That’s a good sized list. Throw in the fact that it’s steadily grown for the past few weeks with little checked off of it…well, let’s just say it leaves me feeling overwhelmed and pathetic.

What’s the take-away here? Well, if you’re like me, then further analysis is in order. There are 31 items on the list. Twelve of these items are either daily or ongoing tasks that cannot be finished in a 24 hour period. Four items are now crossed off – one of which was simply scratched out because it was a double. Fifteen of the items are not checked off because they’re only partially done.

So now that our analysis is complete, what’s your verdict?

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