What to Do When it’s Frigid Out? Renovate!

If December brings forth a winter wonderland then January gives birth to frostbite.


Can I get an amen from all you Wyomingites out there?


Frigid! That’s the word that best describes January in Wyoming. The rest of the states in the northern hemisphere can probably relate.

As you can see from these pics, we’ve had our share of frosty weather.


The kids and animals make due though.

FrostyDeckWeed So what do you do when arctic conditions make it too inhospitable for human beings to be outdoors for any length of time?

KitchenFloor2 Why you renovate of course!

Ok, so maybe not all normal people decide to rip out their old kitchen floor and slap another one down in a matter of three days. But we’re just not normal people.

KitchenFloor3 Our kitchen floor was begging for a makeover for several years and…alright, so it was falling apart and I was itching for a new floor almost from the day we moved in. Finally this year, my husband decided we could make the new floor a reality. So he lit into it – ripping out the trimming, appliances (I helped a little) and old stick-down tiles.

We ate in the living room with all our appliances crowded around us (it was kind of funny to have a fridge right next to the couch) and I did dishes in the bathroom sink for a few days. On the last day, my husband decided this little chore was taking twice the time he anticipated. So he enlisted my help with the grout work. After much toil, soreness and blistered fingers (mostly on my husband’s part) the floor was finally completed.


So much better, don’t you think? It was such a relief to be done with this project and have everything back in its place. It even inspired me to whip up a new crochet project to protect our investment…


Chair socks!

Yes indeed! I yarn bombed our dining chairs. Sure, it had the potential to look pretty dorky. But they didn’t turn out half so bad. Now our floors will be spared a great deal of scraping and scratching. Bonus! These don’t pop off like those felt pads you glue on the bottom of your chair legs.

KitchenFloor8 Morgan approved!

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