What image does that word conjure in your mind?

Well, if you’re a geek like me, then probably something like: “Resistance is futile”.

But much like Captain Picard learned while fighting the Borg, nothing could be further from the truth.

Resistance is never futile. Even when facing ultimate defeat. Resistance in fact, always produces two important outcomes:

  1. a challenge
  2. strength

When you look at the resistance setting on workout equipment your first thoughts generally aren’t of defeat. Most people don’t climb on an elliptical and think, “There’s no way I can push the resistance button and make this thing work for me. I may as well quit now.”


Instead, curiosity kicks in. You want to see just how hard you can push it – how fast you can run the thing before you tire out. The little kid in you takes over, and you find after the initial burst that the challenge isn’t enough. So you crank that baby up until you wear yourself out with the exertion.

Now, pending on your stamina this process might turn into an all-out workout. Or you might give up after five minutes and go have a cappuccino.

Either way, you weren’t cowed by that silly little resistance button.

Now a lot could be said here about the challenges of life and how they compare to that pesky little thing called “resistance”. I might be able to expound upon some very profound similarities between life and the ever present “resistance button”.

But that’s not why I’m blogging today.

Resistance has remained forefront in my mind for the past two months. And it’s given me a kick in the pants. Yes, I’ve been sorely tempted to sit about and mope. To give in and say that the pressure is too much. But in all honesty, I can’t ignore the challenge set before me – to see fruit born of my writing.

Looking back, there is also evidence of strength born from the adversity. Even if publication seems a long way off still, I cannot deny that the hard road has produced some quality in my work. This fact, encourages me to press on, to try the resistance and meet it with greater effort.

So of late I’m striving to get focused in my writing. Instead of throwing together the usual to-do list that gets a once over maybe once a month (with very little checked off), I intend to make a more concise list and tackle that sucker.

July is always a month of rejuvenation for me. I’ve spent the first part of it reading for pleasure and broadening my writer’s perspective. I’m also making concentrated efforts toward accomplishing research.

This process has kept me out of the social media and blogging loop more often than usual. So I apologize…at least for the neglect here. We could all stand to lessen time spent on Facebook games and gossip, am I right?

These things aside, I genuinely want to put better effort towards writing goals. So long story short, resistance may be tough, but I hope that you’ll find, as I have, that it is a challenge worth meeting rather than a block in the road to success.


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