Hang On to Your Seat!

The past month was one bumpy ride!

A series of changes came upon the Stroh family in February. Some planned…others not even imagined. One anticipated with joy and excitement…the other rocked our world.

In 2015 we began preparations for more family to move to the ranch. My sister in-law and her family would be joining our crew. She would run the books for my father in-law. Her husband would serve as extra hired hand and maintenance man on the ranch.

My husband and his dad worked feverishly to bring in a modular for them and prepare for their move. Several setbacks (God ordained, we’re certain) pushed the moving date to February of 2016.

Then about a week before their official arrival, we learned my father in-law had liver cancer.

Talk about flipping us on our heads!

After that, all sense of time seemed lost in the waiting. It’s hard being an onlooker, watching and feeling useless to help your loved ones during such a scary time. Any feeble assistance on my part seemed minuscule in the grand scheme of things.

But, while others look on the outward appearance, God looks on the inward.

Prayer is Powerful

Once news of my father in-law’s condition became public, outreach and offers to help came pouring in. It was wonderful to see, and so encouraging.

Still, it was an ever-present reminder that others seemed to know where to step in and I still lingered about, clueless how to be a real physical help. Most days I walked in a daze talking to God about it…well, more like venting. At nights, I’d cry out to Him on their behalf as well.

Then it dawned on me…

Yeah, you knew it was coming…Melissa, she’s kinda slow. But she eventually got it.

I was doing something physical to help out. But like all of us do sometimes, I got caught up in efforts which could only be seen in the immediate physical realm.

This was new territory for everyone. I’d experienced loved ones dying from Cancer before ever receiving treatment. Never had I witnessed one at a stage where he was able to fight the disease.

So I called out to God, putting faith in Him to do the work we could not. Joining in supplication with the myriads I knew were already praying, I asked God to do His great work in my father in-law and our family.

My mother in-law asked that I seek out other prayer warriors to join in the efforts. So I did.

Let me tell you, God did miraculous things!

Within a week, tests were completed and diagnosis made on the stage of cancer my father in-law had. Arrangements fell into place for him and my mother in-law to go to Cancer Treatment Center of America in Chicago.

While there, the doctors discovered his cancer to be small and very treatable. They were able to begin treatments that week. His first round of chemo, though a challenge for him, proved very doable, and at the center, my in-laws found constant encouragement and wonderful new friends.

Want to know the best part so far?

Recently, the doctors discovered a genetic defect in my father in-law’s cancer cells. This meant he did not require a port for further treatment, but could take his chemo in a pill form which is designed to attack only the cancerous cells and leave his healthy cells untouched.

From here out he should experience none of the adverse effects from chemo that he once did.

So let me encourage you.

Don’t think that prayer is the least you can do for someone…or even yourself. Instead, see it as the best and first physical act you should take. Then strap in and hang on to your seat. Because believe me…

God is going to take you for a ride!



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