Back from Interim

Did you miss me?

Almost a year has passed since my last post. That dumbfounds me a little. Believe me, it wasn’t my intention to stay away so long. You probably wondered if I left for good.

Truth is, blogging, among other things, proved to be a time sapper. Too many distractions arose, keeping me from the priorities I wanted to establish…for my family and myself. So I decided something had to give until then.

Blogging went on a vacation.

Or rather I took a vacation from blogging. I also cut out some serious social media time. Getting focused became my goal.

Prioritizing is no easy task. Maybe this happens to you. The minute I sit down to get organized, life, or could it be…Satan (said in my best Church Lady voice), starts throwing obstacles in my path.

It’s discouraging, isn’t it? Life obstacles can wear down the best of us. Make you question whether you’re capable of reaching any goal you set.

Well, I was bound to overcome said obstacles. So my little blog break became a long interim. Since fiction writing is my first love, I put all my writing efforts into that. We also experienced a number of hiccups in our homeschool routine. So the kids and I set out to assess and troubleshoot there.

In the space of time since my last posts, I’ve:

  1. Joined a focused writers group within the guild. An awesome group of women who, weekly, help keep me accountable to my writing. I strive to help them in turn, but honestly, they’re so much better at it.
  2. Finished the rough draft of book II in my series. Yay! Can’t wait to jump into rewrites this summer.
  3. Cut 8,910 words from book I. That’s a feat in a half, let me tell ya! Now only 3000 plus to go. *Sigh!*
  4. Started restructuring the way we homeschool. Still a work in progress. But it’s coming.

Now that these things are established, I figured I’d resurface in the blog sphere. The comeback will be slow. There’s still a lot of prioritizing to be done. But I promise you won’t have to wait another year to hear from me.

And hey, bonus!

You’ll never have to worry about me flooding your inbox with daily posts. Not that I ever did that before. But I just thought you needed that assurance, because, honestly, who likes spam?

8 Thoughts

  1. Oh wow, Kathy! Congratulations! You’re hitting a major homeschool milestone there. Meanwhile, I’m wondering if I can homeschool my kids through high school. Remind me to pick your brain about that. I need all the advice I can get!

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  2. Welcome back! That’s wonderful that you found a good writing group, and you made so much progress with your books! Sometimes it’s necessary to set blogging on the back burner, and yes, at times discouraging. I’ve done it, too. Sounds like you’ve got your priorities straight, though. We’re finishing up our last months of homeschooling since 1992, with our youngest about to graduate. Yay! Our schedule was a never-ending work in progress. We never did nail it down. Best wishes to you!


  3. Melissa, good to hear from you. 🙂 Focus is my word for the year, and I struggle to keep priorities in the right order, too. Glad we can help each other! You are an encouragement!

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