Final Edits Complete!

Did you ever think this day would come? I sure had my doubts. But it’s finally here!

Well…confession, it came in June. I just haven’t had the opportunity until now to share the news.

So we know I’m a little slow. Sorry about that. But just because my communication skills have lacked, doesn’t mean I’ve sat idly since June. Oh no!

Which brings me to my next big news…

I’m pursuing submissions again. This is an arduous task, no two ways about it. Since the beginning of July I’ve pulled out the old query letter, book proposal, and synopsis, and began analyzing them for flaws. Talk about a process that knocks you down a few notches! My work is cut out for me. If you walked into our house now, you’d find my desk littered with all the books, notes, and whatnot I’ve gleaned over the years on writing these things (and perhaps a few piles of folded laundry). I’d take a picture and show you, but honestly, it’s pretty scary. Needless to say, I’ve scrapped a few revisions in the editing process. But those suckers will get done!

I’ve also began the process of researching literary agents. It’s a big list to weed through, and not yet complete, but getting close. If anyone tells you that finding a literary agent is a cake walk, then trust me, they’ve never done it!

So that’s what’s happening here. To all my friends, family, and loyal blog followers, forgive me for the long silence. Not just on the internet, but in public too. Yes, I’ve holed up in our house for a few days. Playing catch up before our family is wham blasted with county fair week (this coming week…yikes!). Those attending fair will have the rare privilege of seeing us introverts come out of seclusion for most the week. Don’t know what we’re going to do with ourselves in town that often. We may need assistance re-acclimating to society.

Any takers?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. M.N. Stroh says:

    You bet, Charity! Thank you for encouraging me through the journey. You know how lonely it can feel sometimes. Us writers need to stick together and lift up one another’s efforts.


  2. Charity says:

    Thanks for sharing the process and congrats on finishing your final edits. That’s a huge accomplishment. Keep me updated – I’m enjoying being a part of your writing journey.

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