November Blew By. Hello December!

We have a joke here in Wyoming.

What do you call a chain on a post?

A Wyoming Wind Sock.

*Que the drum and cymbals!

Seriously, Wyoming is known for its wind. Gusts as high as sixty miles per hour are not unheard of here on the plains.

One time my family and I left early for a routine monthly shopping trip (yes we do that out here in the boonies). When we returned to the ranch later that evening, we paused on the driveway to discover a stock tank laying in a pasture where it had not previously been.

I kid you not! My father in-law confirmed that the alleged stock tank had sat on a hill in the pasture behind our house, full of blow dirt from disuse. While we were gone, the wind managed to pick it up, and roll it across two pastures and a cattle guard before allowing it to settle at its current location.

And that puppy had to be booking it too, because it cleared two fences and several hills along the way!

November left me feeling like that stock tank. It took me out of my routine and sent me hurtling so fast through the month that I barely had a chance to take a breath before it unceremoniously dumped me in a pile at December.

But man! What a ride!

In the past month I’ve:

  • Experienced my second formal rejection from an agent.
  • Sent out a fourth submission.
  • Engaged in critique group and submitted for critique.
  • Researched material for Books II & III
  • Edited/revised some of Book II
  • Submitted book I for copyright
  • Created PDF versions of Books I & II for beta readers
  • Created three blog posts (counting this one)
  • Updated my website
  • Kept accountability with my Guild Writers group through four separate venues
  • Began an online internship

And that list doesn’t count holidays, ranch and family stuff! Crazy!

But the last bullet point is the highlight. In November, my good friend, Rebekah Dorris, approached me with an opportunity to join ranks with Writers Chat. Writers Chat, partnered with Serious Writer, is a weekly talk show about all things writing, publishing, and social media. It’s hosted by three award-winning authors: Johnnie Alexander, Jean Wise, and Bethany Jett.

I will be helping advertise Writers Chat through social media. Needless to say, I’m excited and privileged to be working with such a great group of ladies. This new venture will stretch me, not only as a writer, but as a networker and platform builder.

In recent news, I will also be helping admin and engage readers/writers on Serious Writers’ Book Club. Whoa! Feeling blown over! It’s all good.

So don’t stray too far from the hearth. While things are still in the transitional stage through the holiday season, I hope to soon begin introducing you to these wonderful organizations and the people who make them great!


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  1. Matthew Stroh says:

    She accomplished all of this and is beautiful to top it off.

    Liked by 1 person

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