Writers Chat: How to Start Your Own Podcast

Hey Clan!

As you may know by now, I’ve started working with Serious Writer as Director of Communications for Writers Chat, a weekly talk show for writers, by writers, about all things writing.

Since the last Writers Chat on Pinterest was such a big hit, I thought I’d regularly post each Writers Chat replay link here on my blog for those of you looking for a little guidance in your own writing journey.

So without further adieu…

This week on Writers Chat, Jillian Lancour talked with co-hosts Bethany Jett, Jean Wise, and Johnnie Alexander, on How to Start Your Own Podcast.

Watch the replay here!


During the show, many helpful links were shared that we felt would benefit our viewers. So I’ve included those links below for any interested in extra podcast info.


  • A Podcast on Podcasting.
  • Matthew D. Brough’s Podcast: Spirituality for Ordinary People
  • A great way to practice podcasts before you record is Librivox. You can record something (like reading a public domain audio book) and they will walk you through how to edit your recording and give you pointers on how to sound good. Free coaching…can’t beat that price!
  • The largest podcast directory in the world is blubrry. It also integrates well with WordPress.
  • How to publish your podcast to iTunes.
  • Free podcast hosting at Podbean.
  • Pat Flynn’s step-by-step tutorial on how to start a podcast.
  • Finding music that you have the rights to use is important. One source for free music is here at YouTube.
  • Here’s another source for royalty free music is incompetech. You can use it so long as you give him credit.
  • Facebook group for Podcasters.
  • An interview with Jameson Ketchum about the Godspeed Podcast, discussing the intricacies of interviewing, podcasting, and much more! If you like it, you can also find the Godspeed podcast here.
  • Jillian Lancour’s Instagram for the wbppodcast.




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