Writers Chat: Bring Your Favorite Book to Share!

Hey Clan!

This week I’m swamped with book proposal prep and some upcoming classes, so I apologize for the late post. Still, I think you’re going to like the great list of books we discussed with the Serious Writer Book Club last week.

Check out the replay to discover our favorite nonfiction and fiction books. Maybe you’ll find some new favorites of your own!

Book club

Here’s a list of all the books shared in our live chat, with a few extra links thrown in for good measure!



Extra Links

  • Called to Create on Instagram. A community of Christian entrepreneurs and creatives. Sign-up for their weekly devotional here.
  • Tina Yeager is opening submissions for devotions on Inkspirations Online. If you write devotions and would like to submit, you can find the guidelines here.

2 Thoughts

  1. Hello Arshia. I appreciate your taking the time to stop and comment. I’m sorry, but I don’t do the “I’ll follow you if you follow me requests” because they invariably lead to two undesirable outcomes – spam, or disengaged followers. I want people to follow me because they’re generally interested in my site, not just to build numbers.

    However, I’m happy to suggest edits for you. I did go check your site out. It looks like you are a burgeoning poet. That’s fantastic! I love the depth you’re developing in your writing and the way you express yourself. As far as your site goes, it’s great to get your poems out there, but I would suggest that you put yourself and what your site is about up front and center first, so people can understand what you’re about and decide to invest in reading your poetry. The easiest way to do that is to make a Home page that has an image, either of you, or, if you don’t feel comfortable putting a picture of yourself up there, something you feel represents who you are and what you do.

    As I browsed your page, I see that you have a Home page feature image under your Intro page. I would suggest you put that image on your your Home page, which should be your landing page, in other words, the first page people come to when they click on your site. Now the home page doesn’t have to have all the info you shared on your Intro page. Keep the intro page content as is. But maybe just share a little bit about your self and your website’s purpose on your home page, like a greeting to those who come to visit. If you feel that your poems are the heart of your site and you really want your readers to see those right away, then by all means, feature one of your favorites on your home page as well. Maybe find a way to tie it into that home page greeting.

    I hope that helps you!


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