Writers Chat: Writing Devotionals from the Hard Parts of Scripture

Hey Clan!

Last week we had the privilege of listening to writer, Rachel Schmoyer, join us on Writers Chat to talk about Writing Devotionals from the Hard Parts of Scripture. She shared some great information, not only on resources devotional writers can use, but places where you can submit your devotionals also.

To watch the replay, click here!

Rachel Schmoyer

You can learn more about Rachel and her writing at Read the Hard Parts.

One of the key pieces of advice Rachel and others shared for aspiring devotional writers is to always remember Hook, Book, Look, and Took, when writing your devotional.

  • Hook – a strong beginning
  • Book – new information
  • Look – how will this connect to my life today?
  • Took – what is the takeaway?

Rachel and several of our experienced devotional writers suggested a number of places worth submitting devotions to:

Great resources for devotional writers were also shared. Here are some of the favorites!

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