Writers Chat: Microsoft Word’s Secrets & Shortcuts

You read that right. Even the shortcuts you never knew were there!

Hey Clan!

This Writers Chat show is one you’ll return to again and again (especially if you need to take notes). In this episode, writer and typesetter, Rhonda Dragomir, starts us off on what’s sure to be part one of taming the bronc that is Microsoft Word.

You’ll learn secrets and shortcuts to make your life easier (at least when it comes to writing in Word), and change your mind about hanging up your hat in defeat.

Catch the replay here!


While all the important info was demonstrated live, we still shared some great links in the live chat.

  • Need technical support in your writing career? Look no further than The Dragomir Group. If you watch the replay, you’ll also learn about exclusive content you can receive if you sign up for The Dragomir Group newsletter, Writer’s Hacks.
  • Working in Microsoft inevitably leads to editing. Using the Find and Replace options works great for finding fluff words. What are fluff words? Check out Fluff is Better in a Sandwich at Almost an Author.
  • You’ve heard of Dictionary.com. Meet your new friend Thesaurus.com

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Saturday morning, 4-7-18, Serious Writer will kick off its first ever Serious Writer Summit, where you can watch the filming of the latest Serious Writer Academy courses for free on Facebook Live.

The Schedule (all times Eastern)

  • 10 AM Intro to Branding ~ Cody Moorhead
  • 11 AM Intro to Newsletters ~ Cyle Young
  • 12 PM Intro to Content Creation ~ Jillian Elizabeth
  • 1 PM Intro to Content Management ~ Bethany Jett
  • 2 PM Intro to Social Media Pods & Loops ~ Victoria Duerstock

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