Contract & Newsletter – Oh My!

Big news, Clan!

So big in fact, I can’t sit on it anymore. Keeping it under my hat until now was hard! But now I can finally tell you.

As you know, I’ve put my novel through the submissions process for over a year now. God opened so many doors (and used quite a few of you to shove me through them). Now I have the privilege to announce that Hartline Literary Agency has signed me on.

For me, this is the second triumphal turn on the road to traditional publication. After so many years and setbacks, it feels surreal. In fact, there are days when I wonder if I’ll wake to discover it’s a dream.

But no, the dream is reality.

My Hartline Contract

And I have you to thank for it all. You, the faithful few who’ve stood by me through all the long years of doubt, blood (my characters mostly), sweat, and tears…and maybe a few gray hairs.

Now, I need your help and accountability all the more. Which brings us to other news…

The Clan Newsletter is here!


Thanks to the good people at MailChimp and the knowledgeable Rachel Schmoyer (and her tech-savvy husband), this site now has a functioning newsletter.

Like most of you, I despise pop-ups and obnoxious gimmicks. So I’m telling you straight. This is your call to action.

Subscribe to the Clan Newsletter Today!


Well, here’s a few good reasons…

  • Subscribers receive exclusive freebies found nowhere on this website…nigh anywhere in the entire Webiverse! *Yes, I made that word up. No, I’m not ashamed.

  • The Clan Newsletter provides recaps on The Latest Hearth-side (which constantly changes).

  • You get inside info and offers found…wait for it…nowhere in the entire WEBIVERSE!

  • Spam is a four-letter word, and you’ll never receive it from me. That’s a promise!

Basically, those who join the Clan Newsletter are my inside team. You’re my go-to source, my sounding board, or if you’d like a more historically applicable analogy, you become my council at assembly.

You see, in the Irish clan system, assemblies occurred at important times of the year, and the leading members of the clan would gather at council (usually public, but sometimes privately) to make decisions for the good of the whole.

I want you to be a part of that process.

My books are for you. They’re my ministry to you.

This site is for you. I want it to be relevant to you.

Neither would exist without you, and that’s why the newsletter is so important.

So I hope you’ll consider joining our Clan.

If you’re still uncertain of the newsletter, here’s some final clarification for you:

  • Subscribing to the Clan Newsletter is not the same as subscribing to this site ( The newsletter is a separate entity which will only go out once a month with highlights from the Latest Hearth-Side, and the occasional extra notice, should any special events or offers come our way that I wish to share with you.
  • You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time, no questions asked.
  • Subscribers may also receive first-time content via the newsletter before it goes live on Like…oh, I don’t know…serial episodes featuring behind-the-scenes backstory from some of your favorite characters.

You know you’re curious. Give it a try!

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