Writers Chat: How to Make Twitter’s Changes Work for You

Hey Clan!

It’s no secret big changes have swept across all the major social media platforms. An upheaval usually follows.

Twitter is the most recent social media to flip users on their head, and many writers are concerned. But don’t throw your hands in the air just yet. Last week on Writers Chat, Serious Writer’s very own Victoria Duerstock came to assuage concerns and show just How to Make Twitter’s Changes Work for You.

Watch the replay here!


While repeat tweets are now a “no-no” on Twitter, there are other creative ways to advertise your writing without being nabbed by the Twitter bots.

  • One of the best ways to ensure positive attention on Twitter is to curate great content. Many have found medium.com is good for professional feedback on their writing.
  • If you’re willing to put the money out, Twitter has an ad promo for businesses.
  • Knowing how to effectively use Twitter is the best tool in your arsenal. Victoria has a phenomenal course on Serious Writer Academy to help you get started. Learn more here!
  • Trending topics and hashtags will take you far on Twitter. Go to search.twitter.com to find these and utilize them in making your Tweets stand out.
  • Want to learn how to work faster and smarter on Twitter? Check out ManageFlitter. They have a free version

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