Writers Chat: Making it Legal: An Intro into Writers’ Trademarks

Hey Clan!

You’re in for a treat with this week’s Writers Chat. Now, I know with words like “legal” and “trademarks” you’re probably thinking, “Seriously? Isn’t that boring stuff?”

No. Not by a long shot!

Tamsen Horton has a way with words. Not to mention a talent for teaching with metaphors. You’ll love her insightful approach to trademarks. Plus bonus info on copyright. We can’t wait to have her return for part 2!

Watch the replay!


Want to learn more from Tamsen?

  • Visit her website at tamsenhorton.com
  • If you’re interested in the products Tamsen offers to help you in your business, check out her store.
  • Tamsen also has a podcast among other great content. Find it here!

Want to know more about copyright, copyrighted material, and researching before you trademark? Here are a few places to visit:

Need another fantastic site to create your own images for marketing, social media, blogging, and small business? Check out Stencil!

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