Writers Chat: Branding Yourself as a Professional Writer

Hey Clan!

Apologies for the time gap in posts. It’s branding season on the Stroh ranch. Yes, actual cattle branding. It’s a busy and essential time of year. Ironically, also an apt analogy for this week’s Writers Chat.

You see, just as a cattle brand is important for identifying a cow and whom that animal belongs to, your writer brand is an important identification that distinguishes you as a professional.

This week, Serious Writer’s own Cody Morehead, joined us to demonstrate how you can begin to brand yourself as a professional writer. No hot irons needed!


Watch the replay here!

Cody Morehead

You’ll return to this show again and again. Seriously, take notes! Cody presented us with more information than can be packed into one show. So, he’ll be back next week, May 8th, for Branding Yourself as a Writer, Part 2. You can catch that live on Zoom at http://zoom.us/j/4074198133

If you’re new to Zoom or Writers Chat, check out my About Page for more information.

Of course, during the show we always have great links shared in the Live Chat. Cody and our Writers Chat members shared some spectacular resources for developing your writer brand.

Here they are:


Another thing I want to share with you is last week’s Writers Chat replay.

Scott Rutherford

Unfortunately, I missed that Writers Chat, due to branding (the cattle kind, not writing). So I have no live chat links to share. But if you’re wondering how you can tap into local markets, Scott Rutherford has practical information you’ll find helpful.

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