Writers Chat Catch Up

Hey Clan,

My sincerest apologies for dropping off the face of the Earth during June. For those who follow the clan newsletter, you already know much of our family’s struggles this past month. For those unaware of these events, my father-in-law, who fought stage 4 lung cancer for two years, took a turn for the worse in June. He went home to be with Jesus on June 12th.

To say that June was a rough month would be the understatement of the year. Much of our hurts are still very raw. But God sheds His mercy in little glimpses through the ashes. We strive to look to Him during this difficult time, and thank all of you who’ve prayed for us and supported us in various, selfless ways. In the future, I hope to talk a little more on this subject.

For now, as we adjust to this new “normal”, bit by bit, I try to get back into writing.

Writers Chat, of course, pressed on with some awesome content as always. So you and I have the same privilege of discovery in watching these four replays!


On June 5th, Victoria Duerstock and Bethany Jett teamed up to give us an Intro to Using Medium.



June 12th, Rhonda Dragomir returned with the much anticipated Microsoft Word Part 2!


OCV w Rhonda Krill

June 19th, Rhonda Krill spoke on writing for One Christian Voice.


Brennan McPherson 2018

June 26th, Brennan McPherson talked about his Biblical Fantasy novels, and on Using Reviews to Improve Your Craft.

I hope you enjoy catching up with all this great content. Please join us this week as we kick off July, open mic style, to Celebrate Writers Chat! Join us on Zoom at http://zoom.us/j/4074198133 Tuesday, July 3rd at 11 AM ET (10 AM CT, 9 AM MT, 8 AM PT).

We’d love to hear you share how Writers Chat has helped in your writing journey!


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