Celebrating Writers Chat!

Hey Clan!

This week on Writers Chat we held a special open mic for all our loyal followers to come on and share how Writers Chat has made a difference in their writing journey. It was a fun celebration with good friends.

Watch the replay!


At Writers Chat, we strive to create community. A place you can fellowship with others who understand the writing life. Who can share in your struggles and triumphs, and help you along the way.

With that in mind, here are links from the live chat to do just that!

  •  Happy Birthday Serious Writer 2018
  • Ever wanted to know your Meyers-Briggs classification? Go to 16personalities.com
  • If you love psychology or want to create psych profiles for your fictional characters, Tina Yeager has a class on this at Serious Writer Academy.
  • Looking for an inspirational read? Brennan McPherson’s new book: The Hunter and the Valley of Death is the first book in a trilogy that transforms Psalms into fantasy parables. Read the Psalms like you’ve never read them before!
  • Tina Yeager NEEDS devotional submissions for INKspirations! Check out her submissions guidelines here. You can send your INKspiration questions to her at tina@inkspirationsonline.com
  • Are you writing a book proposal? Need to know where to find comparable titles for your book? Goodreads & Amazon are Magnificent places to do research. Conduct searches in your genre to find the comp titles you’re looking for.
  • Kristen Hogrefe has some great courses on Serious Writer Academy including Introduction to WordPress.com, Introduction to MailChimp, and Canva: Create Memes & More!

But wait! Don’t go yet!

We need your input. We’re planning guests for Writers Chat’s summer line-up. What topics would you like to see on the upcoming shows? Here’s a few suggestions from our live chat. Please add your suggestions in the comments below!

Writers Chat Show Ideas

  • How to Deal (and Learn from) Rejection Letters?
  • How to Deal with Distractions as a Writer
  • How to Prepare the “Competition” Section of Your Book Proposal. (Possible guest: Cherrilynn Bisbano)
  • How to Procure More Speaking Opportunities as a Writer
  • Developing Narrative for Beginners.
  • Mailchimp, Newsletters, Email lists
  • Five habits for a Professional Writer. (One would definitely be file saving protocols).
  • Tips for Better Web Searches while Conducting Research.

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