Writers Chat: Favorite Movies and Books about Writers

“Writers should be readers”

We hear this often. But in this visually stimulated culture we live in, writers can find inspiration through film also.

During this week’s Writers Chat, we shared in a fun, open mic discussion about some of our Favorite Movies and Books about Writers.

Watch the replay and discover new inspiration for yourself!

Fave Movies about Authors 2018

Many favorites (and a few interesting asides) came up in the discussion. Here’s just a small sampling of the categories…




Feel Good




Books about Writers

Obviously, film dominated our discussion, but books and comic strips also came into play.

Closing Thoughts: Help us Decide

So, at the end of it all a burning question came to light. A fellow writer asked what I thought was the most pertinent question on the topic to date. I just couldn’t let it be, and I need your input.

Should Star Trek (at least the original and TNG) Count as entertainment about writers, since every episode starts with a Captain’s Log?

My vote is a resounding YES!!!

But you decide. Add your votes in the comments below!

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