Writers Chat: Why Writers Need a Website

Hey Clan!

This past week Writers Chat embarked on a new series focusing on a key element of the writer’s platform…your website. Spearheading this ambitious endeavor is our fantastic trio: Rhonda Dragomir, Joshua J. Masters, and Matthew Brough.

This round, you’ll learn Why Writers Need a Website, and what a good website can do for your platform.

Watch the replay!


In a time when most people are raised “digital natives”, many of us feel digitally inept. But Rhonda, Joshua, and Matthew plan to remove the “intimidation factor” of creating your website bey breaking it down into simple, step-by-step lessons.

To start us off on the right foot, each member led by example, allowing us to glean inspiration by venturing to their own sites for ideas. Perhaps seeing these will inspire you in developing your own.

  • Rhonda Dragomir’s site is an excellent example of user-friendly functionality. Right from the home page, you see first-hand Rhonda’s welcoming nature, and know exactly what services her site has to offer.
  • Joshua J. Masters site is visually dynamic and keeps you scrolling to discover more. He draws you in with a personal touch up front, and keeps you exploring with the many facets his site has in store.
  • Matthew Brough’s site and podcast: Spirituality for Ordinary People starts out bold with a dynamic header to catch your interest. The layout is just as bold and uncluttered, with messages that give it a relevancy visitors can’t wait to dive into.
  • An author website need not be elaborate to be effective. For an example of a simple yet attention-grabbing site, check out annbrough.com

3 Thoughts

    1. You’re welcome, Josh! I’ve loved listening to the wealth of information you, Rhonda, and Matthew have shared so far. My head is still spinning from today! Definitely need to revisit the replays. Thanks so much!


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