Writers Chat: Website Wizardry & WordPress

Hey Clan!

If you’ve traveled with us so far, you’ve learned from our terrific trio on Writers Chat, why you need a website. Now join us for part 2 as Joshua J. Masters and Rhonda Dragomir guide us through the next steps of planning your website and choosing a host in: Website Wizardry & WordPress.

Watch the replay!


  • Want to learn how to create a website step-by-step? Try www.tyler.com
  • Bluehost is among the more popular website hosting sites. It integrates well with WordPress and is a very affordable platform.
  • Hostgator is Rhonda’s platform of choice and also offers competitive prices.
  • Josh’s platform of choice is FatCow, which offers excellent support in site transfers and website building.
  • Other hosting platforms mentioned were wix.com and Joomla.
  • Do you struggle with creating vivid graphics for your website? Paint.NET is a free photo editor comparable to Adobe Photoshop but with the simplicity of Microsoft Paint, so there’s not a huge learning curve.
  • If you’re not interested in creating your own graphics, you can find reasonably priced graphics artists and designers to do it for you on fiverr.com

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