Writers Chat: Live Website Critiques

Hey Clan!

We’ve discussed on Writers Chat, why we need a website, and the basics for planning a website. But what constitutes a professional grade website?

To discover the answers, Rhonda Dragomir and Joshua J. Masters planned to team up and critique the websites of a few brave Writers Chat members. Yours truly volunteered to be guinea pig number one.

An emergency pulled our good friend, Josh, from the show last minute, but Rhonda still delivered a show chalked full of great tips for our viewers. Though I stepped into the critique a might fearful of the outcome, the experience proved enlightening and fun.

Check out the replay to learn how you can create a winning website.


Live Chat Links

  • If you’d like a copy of Rhonda’s guide to creating a Winning Website, go to her website at www.dragomirgroup.com and click Hack of the Month (hurry before it’s gone!)
  • Looking for what’s trending on websites this year? Check out 19 Web Design Trends for 2018
  • You can find a great tutorial on WordPress at www.tyler.com
  • Trying to decide on a color theme for your website? Try Adobe Color CC (AKA Adobe Kuler)! It’s a free color wheel  program.
  • iPiccy is a free online photo editor that can help you resize your graphic images for optimal website loading speed and a great look.
  • Pixabay and Unsplash are two of our favorite free stock image sites. A great source for website graphics!
  • Canstock is another source for high quality stock photography from professional photographers. The images are very affordable.

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