Do you wonder what goes on behind the scenes for writers? Thinking about your favorite author, have you ever considered what their average day looks like?

I sure have.

Crazy Kids and Mommy

There was a time when I believed professional writers a part of some elite crowd. Untouchable, glamorous artists, producing works beyond my humble comprehension and changing the world’s view one perfect prose at a time.

Then in 2003 I attended my first writers conference. There I made an important discovery…

These people are nuts and I like them!

In one weekend the veil tore away and I learned writers were like me. A bunch of loons who have conversations with their imaginary characters, who sit buggy-eyed in front of their computers eating way too much junk food and sucking down coffee or tea as if it were the nectar of life. They typed until their hands cramped and heads ached, struggling to bring into words the uncontainable ideas within.

In short, I discovered authors are people too. They have lives like you and me. They struggle through high points and low points.

Their house probably suffers from neglect just like mine.

So when you don’t find me elaborating on research or filling your head with fanciful stories, you’ll find me just blathering about the day to day occurrences in the Stroh household.

Well I hope you don’t consider it blathering.

Instead, I hope you can relate. This is the place where I get honest about this crazy life we live.

Historical Fiction Samples


My series: Tale of the Clans, is set in 10th Century Ireland. Book 1, Rise of Betrayal, is currently undergoing the submissions process. Here’s a teaser:

One brash act forced her to flee her clan. Now, after years in hiding, she risks exposure to the man whose brother is dead because of her.

Ireland, 962 AD

When Nessa’s father arranges her betrothal to the son of their warmongering overlord, Nessa is horrified. Marrying the rogue warrior will thrust her family into the heart of their clan’s longstanding conflict with the Danes of Luimnech.

Nessa’s fate is sealed until tragedy presses her to make a desperate escape. But her brash act costs her intended’s life. Now his family seeks vengeance.

Sanctuary among distant kindred proves short-lived and Nessa falls into the schemes of her rescuers. With the balance of power shifting in southern Ireland, her knowledge could pave the way for her former chieftain to claim the provincial throne. Yet, offering that knowledge may expose her identity to her estranged clansmen…and to the man whose brother was slain because of her.

You can claim your own free copy of the first chapter of Rise of Betrayal when you sign up for my Clan Newsletter. Need to learn more before you subscribe? Visit my Contact page.

For shorter fiction samples on this site, check out these blog posts:

Personal Writing

Creek Family


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