A Day in the Life

Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes for writers? Thinking about your favorite author, have you ever considered what an average day looks like for them?

I sure have.

There was a time when I believed professional writers a part of some elite crowd. Untouchable, glamorous artists, producing works beyond my humble comprehension and changing the world’s view one perfect prose at a time.

Then in 2003 I attended my first writers conference. There I made an important discovery…

These people are nuts and I like them!

In one weekend the veil was torn away and I learned writers were just like me. A bunch of crazy loons who have conversations with their imaginary characters, who sit buggy-eyed in front of their computers eating way too much junk food and sucking down coffee or tea as if it were the nectar of life. They typed until their hands cramped and heads ached, struggling to bring forth into words the uncontainable ideas within.

In short, I discovered authors are people too. They have lives like you and me. They struggle through high points and low points.

Their house probably suffers from neglect just like mine.

So when you don’t find me elaborating on research or filling your head with fanciful stories, you’ll find me just blathering on about the day to day occurrences in the Stroh household. Well I hope you don’t consider it blathering. Instead, I hope you can relate. That you’ll find this crazy writer/author wannabe is just like you…ups, downs and all.

Crazy Kids and Mommy


This is the place you can go to find the latest updates for a day in the life of M.N. Stroh. Who’s M.N. Stroh? Get on back there and check out that Intro page you crazy nut!

Just in case you missed it, that About page is pretty informative too.

Ok, so what’s new in our neck of the woods? I’m glad you asked…

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