Her View from Home

As in all journeys, sometimes the road you set upon leads you down another path.

That’s become the case with Her View from Home.

Some of you know, I regularly wrote homeschool posts for this awesome lifestyle magazine. Their mission  is to embrace everyday living through their daily down-to-earth articles that cover a trove of relevant issues.

However, my fiction pursuits demand my full attention. So I’m moving on from homeschool articles to devote my efforts to my first love.

Of course, this isn’t the end of my time with Her View from Home. I truly cherish the connections made there and hope to post a little something now and again in the future when inspiration strikes.

If you’re looking for a great community with poignant articles on family, food, health and just life in general, then check out HVFH!

And, if by chance you’re interested in any of my humble contributions, here’s a list for your perusal:

Homeschooling Through Hardship

False Perception: Debunking Homeschool Myths

Reluctance to Homeschool

Deciding What Teaching Method and Curriculum Works

Prep for the Coming School Year

Prep for the New Homeschool Year Part II: The Infamous Annual Schedule

A Peek into Planning a Weekly Schedule

Are there Really Veteran Homeschoolers?

Agriculture and Homeschool

Homeschooling isn’t My Passion

I’m Antisocial and I Know It!

Socializing Your Kids

Curriculum – Oh the Many Options to Choose from

Notebooking: My Go-to Supplement

Finishing the school year strong

Finding Time to Write Amidst Homeschool

Celebrating Special Days

Home Ec. Homeschool Style

Don’t Overdo It

Fame – the Fickle Friend

Gett’n My Loki On

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