MNStrohKJP_1863Though enamored with storytelling form an early age, it was not until 2001 that M.N. Stroh began the pursuit of her dream to become a novelist.

Devouring every fiction writing book she found, M.N. dove in and began her first fantasy novel. Yet something was missing. After attending her first writer’s conference in 2003, the missing element came to light. She decided  to combine her love of history with her burgeoning skills. The fantasy novel received an over-haul. Thus began its long transformation into her first Historical Fiction novel in the Tale of the Clans series.

In 2006, M.N. joined Christian Writers Group International, where she built connections with authors, editors and fellow writers in various stages of the writing journey. Here, she began working with freelance editor, Brandy Brow.

Amidst her publication pursuits, M.N. came in contact with an old high school friend, Heather Riggleman, who had recently published her first book: Mama Needs a Time Out. Heather co-created an online lifestyle magazine: Her View From Home, with friends and fellow writers Jennifer Sill and Leslie Means.  After some cajoling and a great deal of encouragement, Heather convinced M.N. to join the ranks, and she began regularly posting homeschool articles for the Nebraska based site.

Now, a proud member of the Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild, M.N. spends a great deal of her writing time between that community and creating historical fiction.

My Mission as an Author

Click the link above to learn what’s at the heart of M.N.’s fiction.

Amusing Trivia

  • M and N are the initials for Melissa Nichole. The decision to go by M.N. made in part because initials are cool and hold an air of mystery. I mean come on! How many of you read a name with initials and don’t wonder what those little letters stand for?
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy have always held special places in M.N’s heart. She and her husband diligently raise the next Trekkie,  Star Wars,  Tolkien, Marvel loving generation.
  • Living the rural ranch life in Northwest Wyoming comes with all sorts of perks. It’s not just about horses and cattle. No sir! M.N. and her family are bona fide chicken and rabbit wranglers too!

And you thought she was SANE.

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