MNStrohKJP_1863Hello! Well, as you might’ve guessed, I’m M.N. Stroh and I’m a writer.

But, I’ve garnered other hats recently. I also serve as Director of Communications for Writers Chat, a weekly talk show affiliated with Serious Writer Inc. and Almost an Author. I’m also director of the Serious Writer Book Club.

I’ve traveled on this writing journey for sixteen years now. In that time I’ve  contributed articles to Her View from Home and 1 Corinthians 13 Parenting. Yet fiction remains my primary love.

Living in remote, northeastern Wyoming, I value networking with other writers and am a proud member of  Christian Writers Group International and the Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild. Apart from my time spent in these communities, I’m focused on creating my current historical fiction series: Tale of the Clans.

While I hope to one day introduce you to the characters and stories I’ve come to love, I have to stop and be realistic with you. The road to traditional publication is long, especially for someone writing Historical Fiction in a unique era.

If you’re a writer, you might understand that road. Maybe you’re walking it now. So bearing that in mind, I also want to offer help along the way.

For my fellow history buffs, I offer insight into Viking Era Ireland.

Bronze Cloak Pin Image 1896 The British Library Collection

You’ll find posts dedicated to historical factoids and research resources I’ve discovered. And because I value convenience (not to mention a user-friendly site), here’s a shortcut to my Research page where you can peruse only the posts dedicated to that end…No hunting required.

For my fellow writers, you get weekly posts linking to Writers Chat, a live talk show through Zoom, hosted by Bethany Jett, Johnnie Alexander, and Jean Wise.

Writers Chat. Serious Writer inc.
Writers Chat. The talk show where we talk about all things writing, by writers, and for writers.

Writers Chat airs live through Zoom, (an easy to download app.) each Tuesday at 11 AM Eastern.

Here at mnstroh.com, you’ll get links to replays of each week’s show, plus extras discussed only in the chat feed during showtime.

If you want to be a part of the live event, please join our Writers Chat Members page on Facebook. There you’ll find the Zoom link along with notices of our latest topics and guest speakers.

For those new to Writers Chat, here’s some helpful info:

  • Writers Chat is a Christian Faith based talk show, though our topics apply to all writers in both Christian and general market. We welcome all writers to join us regardless of personal beliefs. We only ask that you conduct yourself in a courteous and respectful manner.
  • Writers Chat lasts about an hour, but we usually stay on about fifteen minutes longer for the unofficial (and unrecorded) “after-party.”
  • During most of the recorded portion, only the guest and the hosts are visible. If you’re new to the Zoom app, then you will wish to download it and familiarize yourself with its settings prior to joining. Guests are asked to “hide” during the recorded portion by shutting off their mic and video feeds.
  • Towards the end of the hour, we invite the rest of our community to “un-hide” and join in the conversation.
  • Zoom includes a chat sidebar where we can interact with one another during the program. The hosts will monitor the chat to be sure we answer questions and respond to comments.
  • The recorded chat is posted on our Writers Chat Facebook page, Serious Writer Facebook page, and on Almost An Author.

Because I value transparency, I also share my personal journey, as a source of encouragement.

Writing, by nature is a lonely pursuit. So knowing you don’t travel that road alone is huge! It’s my sincere hope that the glimpses into my journey through A Day in the Life will give you a boost down your own path to publication.


To Learn more about my fictional works, check out My Writing and My Mission as an Author.

Amusing Trivia

  • M.N. stands for Melissa Nichole. The decision to go by M.N. was made in part because initials hold an air of mystery. I mean come on! Can you honestly read a name with initials and not wonder what those little letters stand for?
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy have always held a special place in my heart. My husband and I are diligently raising the next Trekkie,  Star Wars,  Tolkien, Marvel loving generation. Narnia’s in there too. Hey! I do what I want.
  • Living the rural ranch life in Wyoming comes with all sorts of perks. It’s not just about horses and cattle. No sir! We’re bona fide chicken and rabbit wranglers too!


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