My Writing

Those who’ve spent considerable time in the writing business, be they professional or amateur, can tell you writing is a process. In my case, that process has taken a number of years.

But it’s a labor of love.

As yet, my historical fiction series is unpublished. Book one is currently with my agent undergoing submissions to traditional publishing houses.  Book two is complete in rough draft and now on the revision floor. The rest of the books in the series are progressing nicely.

If you’re a fellow wordsmith and curious about my process, or just need assurance there’s another crazy writer out there like you (you are crazy, right?), feel free to drop by my Pinterest page and explore the boards.

A little shameless self promotion never hurts writers…

Especially at this transitional stage. At My Writing Works board, you’ll find links to my past articles. You know…just in case you’re bored and need some light reading.

What’s that you say? Where’s the fiction?

Good point! A fiction writer should post samples.


If you’d like a sneak peak at Rise of Betrayal Chapter 1, you can get your own free PDF when you sign up for the M.N. Stroh Clan Newsletter. For more information, go to Contact.

On this site you’ll find:

This list grows throughout the year, so keep plugged in!

Personal Journey

Here I share a bit about my own writing journey in hopes to encourage you and give insight into the process. If you’re a fellow writer, maybe you can relate. Posts descend starting from current to the oldest. So if you haven’t followed this blog from conception, scroll down for a peak into the past.

Contract & Newsletter – Oh My!

Window into the Past

Final Edits Complete!

Slowly but Shirley

Back from Interim

Spring Update

The Continuing Journey

2015 in Review

First NaNoWriMo

Creative Chaos: Big Work in Progress

Confessions of a Research Junky

My Mission as an Author


Not Overcome

Decisions in the Rain

November Hiatus

Too Much on the Plate

I’m a Writer, Not a Brick Layer!

The View from My Desk

August Already?

When God Speaks

Epilogue Complete

To Epilogue or Not To Epilogue

Goals in the Works

Writer’s Discouragement

Tale of the Clans

Introductions are in Order

What’s New?

I’m considering writing serial fiction on this blog. Behind the scenes stories to give you, my loyal clan, a taste of what to expect in my novels. So if that piques your interest, let me know in the comments section below!

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