Research plays a critical part in my writing, and has done since the inception of my Historical Fiction series in 2001.

It’s no secret. Behind every quality work of Historical Fiction there’s a boatload of research to make the story world come to life.  Not all these facts find their way into a novel – nor should they. Nevertheless, knowing them enriches the experience over all.

So this section is devoted to all you research junkies out there. You know who you are. You devour historical factoids like homemade bread hot from the oven!

Below you’ll find links pertaining to all my Viking era Ireland posts. This website is in a transitional phase, so citing my resources is coming into play. You know, for those who might need references for their own research.

Or proof I’m not just pulling this stuff out of thin air.


The Óenach: Ancient Ireland’s Preeminent Social Event

No Longhouses in Ireland

10th Century Irish Fashion


Spancels: Cuffing the Chicken

Saint Patrick’s Breastplate

Anamchara – “Soul Friend”

The Battle of Clontarf Reborn

Authenticating Irish Characters: Irish Surnames in the Middle Ages

Indeed, the list is small, but growing as time allows. More for your viewing pleasure to come…

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