Since beginning my writing journey back in 2001, I knew that research would play an integral part in my fiction. It’s no secret that behind every quality work of Historical Fiction there is a boatload of research to make the story world come to life.  Not all these facts find their way into a novel – nor should they. Nevertheless, knowing them enriches the experience over all.

After so many years immersed in the history of Ireland (and now the Vikings), one might think me an expert in the field.

I have no such misconception, though.

It’s an unending journey which continues to enthrall me day by day. New discoveries await round every bend – compelling me to dig deeper.

Revealing some of these gems not only opens a path for me to discuss what I’m passionate about, but offers a venue to find others who share in my love for Irish History and the Middle Ages.

It’s that camaraderie I crave the most.

Now, just because I’m all about user friendliness, here are some quick links to posts pertaining to research topics:

10th Century Irish Fashion


Spancels: Cuffing the Chicken

Saint Patrick’s Breastplate

Anamchara – “Soul Friend”

The Battle of Clontarf Reborn

Authenticating Irish Characters: Irish Surnames in the Middle Ages

Indeed, the list is small, but growing as time allows. More for your viewing pleasure to come…

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